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Ali El Minyawi

 Ali El Minyawi is Ibrahim El Minyawi’s son and the talent definitely runs in the family.


From early childhood onwards, he has been surrounded by music. His father welcomed and rehearsed with other musicians in their home. Ali was actively involved in music from an early age and has played drums ever since he was four years old. He taught himself the tabla. His father gave him tips on how to perfect his touch. However, he always said that every player has a different relationship with his instrument and should therefore try to develop his own style. Ali has done this. He has accompanied his father to concerts all over Europe. Today Ali has become a refined and powerful tabla player. His playing can be heard on the CD Daqat, and the DVDs Schemm en Nassim and Abyad. Ali El Minyawi tours worldwide with Natascha Atlas and recorded with the famous band Coldplay in London in 2007.

Ali El Minyawi accompannies Ibrahim El Minyawi on the following  CDs and DVDs: 

Daqat I

Daqat II

Schemm en Nassim