dance, music, body wisdom from egypt

caroline chevat

Caroline is a specialist in the Egyptian dance language, Egyptian yoga and Egyptian percussion (Daff and Tabla) and has been teaching for 20 years. She is co-founder of tanz raum, producer of the label tanz raum and a member of the tanz raum company as a dancer and percussionist.

university studies

  • University of Lyon (FR), Pharmacy                              1991 - 1993
  • University of Lyon (FR), Landscape Engineering      1993 - 1997
  • University of Constance (DE), Irenology                    1997 - 1998     
  • University of Mannheim (DE), Geography                 1997 - 1998

dance, movement, percussion studies

  • Dance with Claudia Heinle, tanz raum (CH)            1995 - 2008
  • Percussion with Ibrahim El Minyawi (EGY/UK)         1995 - 2013    
  • Int. Institute of Yoga Babakar Kahne (CH)               2008 - 2012 
  • per ankh Certificate, Art of Trance (CH)                   2017 - 2018

dance education in egypt

  • Certificate from the Republic of Egypt - El Minya (EGY)    2008 - 2009


oral tradition in egypt 

Dance and music in Egypt have been handed down orally from generation to generation for thousands of years by families of artists who specialise in their particular field. Caroline Chevat gained her in-depth knowledge from these families, who represent different genres of music and dance in Egypt. 

  • Luxor - Murad Metqali family 
  • Cairo - El Fuad family                            
  • El Minya - Abdel Alim family

current position

  • Caroline is co-director, choreographer, dancer, percussionist and teacher with tanz raum dance company, tanz raum music label.

  • As co-director of summer dance, an international residential for Egyptian dance and music, she organizes dance education for amateurs and professionals.

  • per ankh is a modular certification programme she has co-developed to improve training and understanding of the Egyptian dance and music language.

  • She teaches at Kult-X in Kreuzlingen, ADEM in Geneva, and in her own studio and gives workshops and performances in many countries.

artistic creations

2017 Solo Daff 
Music for frame drum
(composition and interpretation)

2016 Doing Things
Premiere: K9 Theatre (DE), Theater an der Grenze (CH)
1 dancer + 2 musicians
(composition, percussion)

2011 Akhou
Premiere: Dreispitz (CH), Festival Interval (FR) Tanzwerkstatt (DE)
3 dancers + 2 musicians 
(composition, dance, percussion)

2008 Abyad
Premiere: Dreispitz (CH), 3 dancers + 2 musicians
(choreography, dance)


places she has performed and worked

Garage Theatre Alexandria (EGY) I Das Trösch Kreuzlingen (CH) I Alte Katze, Constance (DE) I Artzébouille (FR) I Theater an der Grenze (CH) I Festival la Croisée des Cultures Geneva (CH) I Festiv’été Belley (FR) I Le Mandapa Paris I Orient Folk Fest Kamnik (SL) I Inter’Val Lyon (FR) I K9 Theater Constance (DE) I Amala Kultur Zentroa Irun (ES) I Dreispitz Theater Kreuzlingen (CH) I Dance House Zurich (CH) I Theater Constance (DE) I Dynamo Theater Zurich (CH) I ADEM Les Ateliers d’Ethnomusicologie Geneva (CH) I CAK Center for African Culture Oslo (NO) I University of Constance (DE) I Tanzwerkstatt Ludwigsburg (DE) I Altigone Toulouse (FR) I Festival tanz rausch, Zurich (CH) I Oriente in Movimiento Bologna (IT) I Kathawat Forli (IT) I Festival des vertes et des pas mûres, Ambérieu en Dombes (FR) 

dance & percussion teaching

Caroline is a passionate and generous teacher who works with professionals as well as amateurs of all age groups. She shares her knowledge with conviction, humour, spirit and kindness.

collaboration with other dance companies 

Al Fajr dance company (FR, EGY)                                         

As Sayef dance company (SWE)
Tzigana dance company (ES)
Street Melody, Klezmer Music (FR, DE)