dance, music, body wisdom from egypt


Cie tanz raum . Ibrahim El Minyawi 

Abyad (white) is both the absence and the sum of all colours.
White stands for the beginning and the end of life and symbolizes its cyclical course. Life begins with a breath and the tender motions of waking up. Slowly, we become aware of ourselves and our own movements, apprehending and discovering our surroundings. In time with the beating of the drums, spirals slowly take control of the body´s axis. Circling, the bodies follow their course through space. Gradually, the diversity of life spreads out like a fan: the improvisation of the instruments, the singer´s voice, the qualities of movement, the beat of the drums. Until finally, everything retreats to silence and a new beginning.

The DVD was filmed at the première in Theatre Dreispitz (Lake Constance, Switzerland).

artistic direction: Claudia Heinle 

dance: Claudia Heinle, Caroline Chevat, Karin Schemmann

live percussion: Ibrahim el Minyawi and Ali el Minyawi.

total playing time: 60 mins
production: tanz raum label 2008

Price: 30.00 €