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Mustapha Abdel Aziz 

Mustapha Abdel Aziz was an undisputed virtuoso on the arghul and radiated great charisma and presence when he played.

Until his death in May 2002, he was supported by Pro Helvetia Switzerland to pass on his skills to young people. This musician’s brilliant playing reminds us of the noble past of this typical Egyptian instrument. Mustapha Abdel Aziz was born on 22 March 1931 in El Minya, Upper Egypt and grew up with traditional Egyptian music. His home town of El Minya is well known for its musical families. In the 1970s he became famous in Cairo, together with Metqal Qenawi Metqal and Shamandi Tewfick. These musicians were famous in Egypt and discovered by Alain Weber from France, who made them famous in Europe and recorded and released wonderful CDs under their international touring name Les Musiciens du Nil. In the 1990s, Mustapha Abdel Aziz toured with Suraya Hilal in the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Germany and Switzerland. One of his rare but fascinating solo improvisations accompanied only by rhythm was recorded during a tour under the management of Claudia Heinle.

In one of his best pieces Mustapha Abdel Aziz plays togeher with Ibrahim El Minyawi

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