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Mohamed Murad Migally

Mohamed Mourad Migally was born into a famous entertainer tribe, the Mataqil and performed with them at some of the most prestigious festivals around the world.

Mohamed Mourad Migally was born on 5October 1955 in Luxor, Egypt and passed away in early 2018. He was trained as a young boy in the oral tradition by his uncle, the legendary Metqal Qenawi Metqal. The Mataqil are experts in the art of the rababah and the shiir. They were horse dealers and epic poets. They settled close to the Karnak Temple 80 years ago, where they first lived in a camp, and later built houses made of mud. It was here that Mohamed’s uncle started his career during the 1960s and became very famous in Cairo. Mohamed Murad followed the food steps of his his ancestors and his famous uncle and devoted his life to music. In his traditional galabeya and with his flashing gold teeth, he was a charismatic figure among Egypt’s Shaabi musicians. Until the end he worked at his home in Luxor, surrounded by his huge family, his numerous wives and his multitude of children and grandchildren. Mohamed was a master on the rababa and leader of his own rababa group. His sons Diaa and El Hami are singers and rababa musicians as well and are following in the footsteps of their father.

The tanz raum production Al Masdar is an homage to one of the last professional entertainer tribes in Upper Egypt.

Al Masdar