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Georges Kazazian 

Georges Kazazian is considered one of the most interesting innovators in Egyptian music


Georges Kazazian was born into an Armenian family in Cairo in the 1950s. He taught himself music, acquiring his knowledge through experimentation and research. Gradually, he was drawn into his vocation of musician and composer. Georges began his professional career composing music for the theatre and cinema. In the 1990s, he concentrated on composing for concerts. In 1991 he created Sabil, a composition for five musicians. It was an immediate success and assured his reputation not only in Egypt but also in Europe and the United States. Sabil was followed by other compositions such as Sajaya and the suite El Ganoub. A tireless creator, Georges never ceases to compose and innovate. Having researched typical ancestral instruments such as the arghul and the nay, he continues to enrich his compositions with tonalities inspired by popular music and to integrate western instruments into oriental music. Although George has a style of his own, his work nevertheless builds on Egypt’s musical tradition. Travelling through musical expression seems to be an inner goal and a way of creating diversity of colour and tone. The choreographers Marie Al Fajr, Caroline Chevat and Claudia Heinle have created dance pieces with George Kazazian’s compositions.

Georges Kazazian has produced two CDs on the tanz raum label:



Dance creations with Georges Kazazian´s music:

Schemm En Nassim