dance, music, body wisdom from egypt

Amir Ezzat 

Amir Ezzat holds a bachelor degree in Arabic music, a diploma in oriental music and ethnomusicology. Amir was born into an artistic environment in El Minya and started to play the tabla at the age of six. As a young percussionist, he joined various music groups and participated in music competitions, winning one award after the other. At the age of 18 he moved to Cairo and joined the High Institute of Arabic Music. Today, Amir Ezzat teaches at the High Institute of Arabic Music and works as a drummer in the Egyptian Opera Houses in Cairo and Alexandria. He performs at various concerts of the Cairo Symphony Orchestra, accompanies famous Arab singers and participates in international festivals such as the Mediterranean Sea Festival in Southern France, the Karthago Festival in Tunisia, festivals in Jordan and the Arabian Gulf. Amir Ezzat regularly travels to Europe to play at concerts, for example in Austria, Spain, France, England, Hungary, and Holland. Amir is specialized in the different types of Egyptian popular arts and he teaches workshops for young people who are interested in rhythm. Amir even makes his own rhythm instruments and is a famous tabla manufacturer in his country. Amir considers himself part of the tanz raum family of artists and contributes his specialized musical knowledge to make summer dance an outstanding artistic and educational experience for all participants.