dance, music, body wisdom from egypt

Winter 2019

13 - 15 December


ainhoa izagirre
claudia heinle
caroline chevat

Winter Dance is tanz raum’s intimate dance, rhythm and meditation retreat before Christmas and the New Year.


During the time before Christmas and New Year, Ainhoa Izagirre, Caroline Chevat and Claudia Heinle invite you to slow down, relax, take the time to immerse yourself in silence, find and reestablish your center and to meet and move your self, to meditate, dance, make music and cook together. The three artist and teachers come with a wealth of knowledge in different fields: Egyptian yoga, Gyrokinesis®, Egyptian percussion, movement traditions in Sufism, Egyptian dance, contemporary dance, concious movement, therapeutic yoga, Doula, Manos Sintergética, and mindfulness. 


caroline chevat (percussion)

daniel marchetti (oud)

yves peronnet (contrabas)

teaching artist

The teachers have worked in numerous countries, festivals and institutions, including: Kuwait Opera House, Garage Theatre Alexandria, Irun Theatre, University of Constance, Tanzhaus Zurich, Tanzhaus Düsseldorf, Dance House Stockholm, CAK Centre for African Culture Oslo, World Health Organization Copenhagen, ADEM - Les Ateliers ́Ethnomusicologie Geneva, Institut du Monde Arabe Paris, Bibliotheca Alexandria, Stadttheater Constance, K9 Theatre, Ludwigsburg Theaterwerkstatt, Festival Pousiers du Monde Géneve, Festival Danza Oriental Torino, Amaia Kultur Zentroa Irun, Festival Vitamine Hondarribia, Gazteszena Donostia-San Sebastian, Sebastopol Donostia-San Sebastian.

le ginkgo 

tanz raum’s french centre

Winter Dance takes place in the special atmosphere of Le Gingko in Belley (F), a charming town with 9000 inhabitants. It is a perfect place to learn and be creative, about an hour’s drive from Lyon and Geneva. 


Geneva Airport (CH)

Lyon Airport (F)



Winter Dance is open to everybody!

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