dance, music, body wisdom from egypt


4 – 9 August


claudia heinle
caroline chevat

Summer Dance is tanz raum’s international dance meeting
for dance & music from Egypt with special guests from Egypt

Summer Dance is an ideal opportunity to work with Caroline Chevat and Claudia Heinle, unique artists in their field, as well as celebrated artists from Egypt, who enrich the week with their music, dance and knowledge.


"The week permits total immersion in dance 
related to combat and zar healing movement." 

We teach a modern expression of the Egyptian dance and music language without separating it from its rich and powerful tradition and take you on a journey to the universe of the human body to understand the basis of movement through Egyptian Yoga, Gyrokinesis® and the movement traditions of Sufism in Egypt. 


the music for
summer dance 2019
has been specially recorded
by tanz raum recently

teaching artist

Summer Dance - teachers have presented their work in numerous countries, festivals and institutions, including: Garage Theatre Alexandria, Kuwait Opera House, University of Constance, Tanzhaus Zurich, Tanzhaus Düsseldorf, Dance House Stockholm, CAK Centre for African Culture Oslo, World Health Organization Copenhagen, ADEM - Les Ateliers d ́Ethnomusicologie Geneva, Institut du Monde Arabe Paris, Forum Library of Alexandria, to mention just a few.

le ginkgo 

tanz raum' s french centre

Summer Dance takes place in the special atmosphere of “Le Gingko” in Belley, a charming town with 9000 inhabitants. It is a perfect place to be creative, about an hour’s drive from Lyon and Geneva. We work in two studios as well as the outdoor dance and yoga platform in the garden of Le Gingko.


Geneva Airport (CH)

Lyon Airport (F)


645 € / 750 CHF 

Summer Dance  is open to everybody!

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