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Salam is tanz raum's intercultural performance project in collaboration with the Jesuit Cultural Center in Alexandria and supported by Kulturstiftung des Kantons Thurgau, Switzerland. The project brings Europeans and Egyptians together to meet, to dance, to learn and create - through art and for life. 

Salam was born in January 2019. The first edition took place in October 2019. The second after the Pandemic in December 2022 and the third will soon be announced.

participants 2019/22

2019 first edition

Rouane Gawiche (EGY), Monica Josef (EGY), Corinne Dumerval (FR), Mohamed Amin (EGY), Sara Ahmed (EGY), Sonia and Eric (CH), Laura Vilardo (IT/CH), Ahmed Gnaidy (EGY/MAR), Marwa Ahmed (EGY), Anita Schreiner (AUT), Nadine Soulet (FR), Demiana Zakaria (EGY), Christiane Bost (FR), Michela Varini (IT/CH), Mohamed Ahmed Hamed (EGY), Agneta Sgouridis (SWE).

2022 second edition
Ahmed Gnaidy (EGY/MAR), Alexandra Gysel (CH), Aziz Fathy (EGY), Demiana Zakaria (EGY), Feda Philip (EGY), Hossam Ezzat (EGY), Mahmoud Ali (EGY),  Mahmoud Farghl (EGY), Maia Kotb (EGY), Mazen Hesham (EGY), Mohammed Salah (EGY), Momen Moustafa (EGY), Nada Mekky (EGY), Nashwa Hamdi (EGY), M. Hassab (EGY), Noha Abdelmoaty (EGY), Nourane Abdelrazek (EGY), Noureen Elmasry (EGY), Raghdaa Khamis (EGY), Sally Soliman (EGY), Tea Noris (IT), Yunyun Wang (CHN), Rouane Gawiche (EGY), Marwa Ahmed (EGY), Lobna Alaa (EGY), Eman Mohamed (EGY).

supporting artists

Claudia Heinle (DE/CH), Caroline Chevat (FR/CH), Mourad Adli (EGY), Amir Ezzat (EGY)

supporting artists 2019/22

Claudia Heinle (DE/CH), Caroline Chevat (FR/CH), Mourad Adli (EGY), Amir Ezzat (EGY)

testimonials 2019/22

"Before the workshop, I was very hesitant about being there. I never imagined that it would be the best experience I ever had in my life."

"We shared what we are. We do not have the same life, the same beliefs, or the same culture, but the same desire to communicate and understand each other. I feel so full and enriched by what we have shared. We are connected, I have the impression of waking up with another consciousness. When I left, I felt my heart physically hurt. Universal peace is possible."

"I was impressed by how well the project was prepared, organized, and communicated. Throughout the workshops and the entire production process, the authentic, creative, and open-minded approach used by the teaching-artists opened up lots of space for development and participation."

"I loved it when we formed a circle every day to share how we felt. Whenever a philosophy regarding the dance was demonstrated, it was introduced in this circle, like a folk tale. Every day I looked forward to this circle and its stories."

"This was my first journey to Egypt. It was unforgettable, with candid encounters and intense moments of creativity. The Egyptian dance language with its ancient rituals has a peaceful effect on me. To share this with young Egyptian women and men and perform in public was an incredible experience."

"I never experienced anything like this before.The people, the reception of the host organization, the intimate atmosphere within the workshop - we felt like a family. But more importantly, I discovered a part of myself I never knew about, the spiritual part that emerged."

"Right away, we are connected through our breathing, movement and music. We go through a language beyond speech, a much more universal language, and we become one entity. Something magical happens and hovers above us and within us. Every day, we meet with joy, first to share a meal, then to create art together. The days are touched by the grace of love. We work hard, but with a lightness peculiar to people who are united." 

"I have been living in Europe for almost one year. When I came back to Egypt, I decided that I want to travel in different rural areas and communities to reconnect with my land, to reconnect through nature, with my body and in relation to my conscious and unconscious mind in order to be aligned. I was really in need of this. Two days after I came back from Europe, I found myself in Salam Project. This was the best moment and space to reconnect with my land and my ancestors. There is an idiom: “We walk on the ashes of our ancestors”. But because we are living in a very fast and very capitalistic and a very consuming notion. We are split from it."


This journey of Salam was so truthful. For me it was interesting to deepen the understanding of this mystical world and the rituals of ancient Egypt. Sometimes we forget how our ancestors inspire us in so many different ways. Specially, when we are celebrating our death and our rebirth moments.

"Thanks a lot Claudia and Caroline for letting me have this amazing experience. I consider it a lifetime opportunity I was very lucky to get."

jesuit cultural center

Salam takes place in the special atmosphere of the Jesuit Cultural Center in Alexandria. With the Garage Theatre, studios and Café it is a perfect place to be creative. Director Sami Creta, Mario Boulos and their team are looking forward welcoming us.


Alexandria Airport (EGY)

Cairo Airport (EGY)


Participation for Egyptians: 300 Egyptian Pound

Participation for Europeans: 580 Euro/Swiss Francs


If you want to participate, please send an email with your motivation.

artists & teachers

claudia heinle
caroline chevat

amir ezzat  
mourad adli

We love to share our knowledge and experience with you!

We have worked in numerous countries, festivals, and institutions like: Helferei Zurich (CH) I JACC Opera House in Kuwait City (KW) I Klosterkirche St Katharinental (CH) Theaterspektakel in Zurich (CH) I The Bibliotheca Alexandria (EGY) I Haus der Kulturen in Berlin (DE) I IMA Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris (FRA) I Café de la Danse in Paris (FRA) I Tanzhaus Zurich (CH) I Cankarjew Dom in Ljubljana (SL) I ADEM Les Ateliers Geneva (CH) I CAK Centre for African Culture Oslo (NO) I University Constance (DE) I Stadttheater Constance (GER) I Dreispitz Kreuzlingen (CH) I Lalish Theatre in Vienna (AUT) I Opera House Cairo (EGY) I Opera House Alexandria (EGY) I Opera House Dubai (UAE) I Lutherkirche Constance (GER) I Chapelle des Maristes (FRA) I Krypta Münster Constance (GER) I High Institute of Music in Paris (FRA) I Dynamo Jugendkulturhaus Zürich (CH) I Tanzhaus in Dusseldorf (DE) I  Dansens Hus in Stockholm (SE) I Tanz & Theater Werkstatt Ludwigsburg (DE) I Inter'Val d'Automne (FRA) I WHO World Health Organization Copenhagen (DK) I Karthago Festival (TUN), I Theatre Altigone Toulouse (FRA). 

how it all came about

In January 2019, Cie tanz raum performed at Garage Theatre in Alexandria: Caroline Chevat and Claudia Heinle with musicians Amir Ezzat and Murad Adli from Egypt. Right after performing, artists and audience met for a discussion. The audience's interest was so immense that everybody remained in the theatre for an hour. The audience was impressed by how a Swiss dance company in a novel and contemporary way interpreted their dance language. We talked about dance and the human body, in relation to history, society, gender, and religion. The public urged us to find a possibility to come back to Egypt and to give workshops. The next day, our way back to Europe, the idea popped up to create an intercultural performance project in answer to their suggestion. 

october 2019

In October 2019, Cie tanz raum traveled back to Alexandria together with European student-artists, who brought their love for Egypt, their different talents and motivation. The group met Egyptian student-artists who likewise contributed their talents. The company has been in residence for one week and the outcome culminated in the presentation of an intercultural dance performance with live music in Garage Theatre.


december 2022

In December 2022 Cie tanz raum was back in Alexandria for Salam II. edition. 30 people were part of it!  Do you want to be part of it too in2023? Please send a short letter of motivation to: