dance, music, body wisdom from egypt


16 May - 20 May  

May Dance is special - a dance event hosted by company tanz raum, featuring a detox programme that combines the detoxifying effects of Sufi Dance and Plant Based Food. 

This event offers a unique opportunity to work with Claudia Heinle who has combined the two of her most cherished courses: The Art of Trance and Move & Detox.

"This program is special. I have long waited to combine my understanding and knowledge of Sufi dance, trance-induced states and plant-based food because I have experienced how significant the results are. I look forward to sharing my wisdom, knowledge and practice with you."

Dance and food open a joyful and gentle way to detox and nourish our bodies and soul.

The practice Claudia has put together respects ancient knowledge but is free from religious dogma. The dance movements are easy to follow, the food is rich and abundant - and you can eat as much as you like. The dance, the breath, the group, the food, the nature, the rituals, all this has a profoundly transforming and liberating effect, and most importantly, all we are doing opens the heart. Then we can let go, accept and forgive, be in a flow state, and be creative - and then life makes sense again.

le ginkgo 

le ginkgo 

May Dance takes place in the charming setting of Le Ginkgo in Belley (FR). Our retreat is nestled in the heart of the old town, surrounded by coffee shops, restaurants, and small shops. The old Cathedral adds to the atmosphere. Le Ginkgo is the perfect place to learn and explore. Our indoor studio offers a cozy and inviting space to practice your dance moves, while our outdoor dance terrace lets you dance under the trees, surrounded by nature. Accommodation in Le Ginkgo and private houses close by are available.


Geneva Airport (CH) I Lyon Airport (FR)


Cost: CHF/€ 350 - 400.- including classes, breakfast & dinner 

open to everybody!