dance, music, body wisdom from egypt


The art of playing the frame drum - daff - is the indisputable domain of Caroline Chevat: she creates a sacred atmosphere with the sounds, vibrations and rhythms and takes the audience on a journey through space and time.

composition Caroline Chevat
Caroline Chevat

length 40 mins

press «
They happen. Not often. But they are there. Those magical moments when everything becomes interconnected. Palpable – perceptible – audible. Exempt of anything superfluous. Inspiration, reduced to its essence: Truth, beauty, love. Sometimes, a musician succeeds in transforming a concert into such a moment. And sometimes they even manage to capture this moment. Solo Daff is such a moment.» 

This music was recorded inside Chapelle des Marists (FR) in 2017.
As a solo concert it is suitable for churches, stages or outdoor spaces with stunning acoustics.

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This music 
is available on CD
solo daff

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