dance, music, body wisdom from egypt


The art of improvisation is called taqasim in the Arabic language. It is the moment when the music and our whole being melt into one and the dancer´s body becomes sound, rhythm, vibration and melody at the same time. 

course description

We will travel deep into our bodies and cells to search for the essence of what we call the moment of creation – being the music and giving it a voice through dancing in a simple or sophisticated way. In the process of embodying the now, we are supported by our self and our fantastic instrument - the body - with its structure, consciousness and wisdom, in an interplay of space and time.

course includes  

  •  30h practice and theory
  •  per ankh protocol
  •  per ankh certificate 
  •  per ankh article
  •  reference material 

claudia heinle and marie al fajr 

are both specialized in the Egyptian dance language and teach and perform contemporary dance based on Eastern tradition at an international level.

Their performance and teaching experience spans over 25 years. CV Claudia Heinle, CV Marie Al Fajr.

teaching languages

English, French, German

who can benefit?

Improvisation addresses those who aim to work on the key qualities necessary  to be able to improvise on the spot and to become better performer not only in all dance forms but also in life in general.  


700 €

Constance 2019

18/19/20/21/22 April 2019