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spiritual egypt

Spiritual Egypt is an inspiring workshop seriea for your continuous physical and spiritual practice. Claudia and Caroline bring the long-standing tradition of Egyptian dance, rhythm, and music to the here and now. Both are dedicated teachers who give transformational workshops and certified courses - they transmit ritual dance, combat dance, sufi dance, sufi meditation, zar dance,  Egyptian yoga, and percussion. Once a month they teach in Geneva.


les ateliers d‘ethnomusicologie

44 Rue des Maraîchers,

CH - 1204 Genève 


Join us each Saturday from 11.00 - 16.00
with one hour break

SA    10 April 2021 

SA       8 Mai 2021 

SA       5 Juni 2021 

SA       3 Juli 2021 

Please contact us for any questions directly at

disciplines we transmit

Egyptian Yoga

Egyptian yoga focuses on verticality. Breathe through simple and dynamic postures, to reprogram body and spirit. These postures are among the oldest in the world and well documented in temples. 


Caroline Chevat

Sufi Meditation

Sufi meditation focuses on breath and sound vibration. The vibration of the words have a strong impact on all chakras especially the heart chakra.

Claudia Heinle

Sufi Dance 

Egyptian Sufi dance stands for the ancient tradition to induce trance and to unite with the divine. A way to purify the whole system and to strengthen the body through holistic movements.

Claudia Heinle

Zar Dance

Egyptian zar dance stands for the ancient tradition to heal body and soul through dance and rhythm. A way to transform and integrate difficult emotional states - to become whole again.

Claudia Heinle

Combat Dance

In Egyptian combat dance we use a stick. This martial art is still practiced and has links to Ancient Egypt. Develop the male principle inside you, feel the power and learn to play with it.

Caroline Chevat

Rhythm on Daff

The daff is a round frame drum traditionally used in rituals and sacred contexts. The vibrations, sounds and rhythms emerging from the drum skin of this instrument are transformative in nature.

Caroline Chevat