dance, music, body wisdom from egypt

art of trance II

The art of trance stands for the rich and diverse Egytian Sufi dance tradition, the mystical path of the Sufis and the secrets of breathing and movement in spiritual development.

course description

  •  Discover and practice Egyptian Sufi dance 
  •  Learn and practice breathing techniques
  •  Get a feeling for the aesthetics of Sufi dance
  •  Understand the energetic impact of Sufi movements
  •  Alignment, posture and movement patterns of Sufi dance
  •  Learn about the history of Sufism
  •  Introduction into the Sufi path

course includes 

  •  30h practice and theory
  •  per ankh protocol
  •  per ankh certificate 
  •  per ankh article
  •  reference material 

claudia heinle

Claudia Heinle has amassed a wealth of knowledge in this discipline from various masters in Egypt. She is a passionate and generous teacher who takes her students to unexpected levels of energy. In addition, Claudia has been writing a book over the past five years and has undertaken in-depth research in the field. 


teaching languages

English, French or German

who can benefit?

The art of trance addresses those who are passionate about the mystical path of the soul.


course dates

Konstanz 2020

 10-13 April 2020