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› tanz raum seeks to preserve Egypt’s artistic heritage and support new developments through research, recording, teaching, and performance.

› tanz raum helps independent artists by presenting
their work on this website.

› tanz raum supports dance work that promotes an understanding of and respect for Egyptian culture with its values and aesthetic principles.

› tanz raum is an independent label with its own CD/DVD productions, featuring outstanding Egyptian composers and musicians and the work of professional dance companies.

› tanz raum provides information to dance organizations and individuals and encourages the dialogue between them to exchange their expertise and resources.

› tanz raum promotes awareness of Egypt’s dance heritage as an art and provides access to it as a leisure activity.

› tanz raum is an international network that unites professionals as well as amateurs, students and lovers of dance and music from all over the world.

› Dance knows no borders – all our activities support cross-cultural understanding in particular between the Arabic and the Western world.

› We are passionate about sharing our work, which contributes to the diversity of cultures and encourages mutual under standing between them.