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about us


egypt Egypt is home to a long-standing tradition of rhythm, music and dance, whose aesthetic themes are a source of inspiration for modern art forms. Egyptian culture boasts one of the most ancient movement languages of mankind, age-old martial art forms, spiritual practices, and some of the most time-honoured rhythms in the world. This wealth of knowledge fosters new developments relating to movement, dance, rhythm, yoga, exercise and performance.
tanz raum tanz raum is dance company, dance school and music label and performs, teaches and distributes this knowledge. 
mission tanz raum promotes an understanding and appreciation of Egyptian dance and music with its aesthetic principles and potential of innovation through:performance, research,  education, teaching and recordingtanz raum is dance company, music label, dance school and international network. All our activities support cross-cultural understanding and contribute to the diversity of cultures. 
performance We are performing different productions and creations in middle scale theatres, festivals and workshop festivals. 
education We are looking forward to sharing with you our in-depth knowledge in workshops, dance weeks and certified courses. Through our links with Egypt where we colaborate and research, we are able to pass on a a deep understanding of this dance form – technically, artistically and culturally.
recordings  tanz raum is also an independent label with its own CD/DVD productions featuring outstanding Egyptian composers, musicians, choreographers, their dance companies. With 16 CD and DVD productions featuring some of the best artists in the field, tanz raum has become one of the leading labels for Egyptian music.
centers tanz raum is running two centers: Alte Katze in Konstanz (GE) and Le Ginkgo (FR) 
founders Claudia Heinle founded tanz raum in 1996 and created with Caroline Chevat tanz raum GmbH in 2002.