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summer dance


July 30 – August 4



















Summer Dance 2017

Summer Dance is tanz raum´s most important international dance meeting for
dance & music from Egypt
and everybody is welcome!

Marie Al Fajr, Claudia Heinle, Caroline Chevat & Guests

The week offers the opportunity to work intensely with Marie Al Fajr, Claudia Heinle and Caroline Chevat, unique artists in their field as well as celebrated master musicians from Egypt who enrich the week with their music and knowledge. 2017 our guest musicians are coming from Egypt: Amir Ezzat & Murad Adli


Open to all

The Summer Dance Event  is open to amateurs as well as professionals.


About us

We are specialized in the Egyptian Dance Language and teach and perform traditional based contemporary dance at an international level. Their performance and teaching experience spans over 20 years. They have shown their work in numerous countries, festivals and institutions, amongst them: Berlin Hebbel am Ufer, University Constance, Tanzhaus Zurich, Tanzhaus Düsseldorf, Dance House Stockholm, TCD Théatre Contemporaine de la Danse Paris, CAK Centre for African Culture Oslo, World Health Organization Copenhagen, Les Ateliers d ́Ethnomusicologie Geneva, Institut du Monde Arabe Paris, Hebbel am Ufer Berlin, international Forum Library of Alexandria, Rawabet Theatre Cairo in the framework of Officinae Dansem Marseille, as well as festivals, theatres and Galleries in Egypt, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.


We teach a modern expression of the Egyptian Dance Language without seperating from its rich and powerful tradition.

This Summer Dance will focus on the incredible live music we are greatful to have from our musicians Amir Ezzat and Murad Adly. We will have them for a whole week and we teach with them: we will develop movements with the music, we will learn how we can create a space to be able to respond to the rhythm and melody of the live music instantly.

Beside all this, we take you on a journey into the universe of the human body to understand the basis of movement through Egyptian Yoga, Body Mind Centering®, Gyrokinesis®, Wu Tao® and the movement traditions of Sufism in Egypt.

In an Ex Pries Seminar surrounded by a park with free internet and free parking.

Summer Dance takes place in the special atmosphere of “Le Gingko” in Belley (F). Belley is a charming town with 9000 inhabitants, a perfect place to learn, to be creative and to rejuvenate. It is about an hour car ride from Lyon or Geneva.

We work in two Studios, Saint Anthelm and Le Ginkgo as well as the outdoor dance and yoga plattform in the garden of Le Gingko. Belley is a cosy charming french town. Belley is a great place to be!


Geneva Airport (CH)
Lyon Airport (F)

We are happy to spoil you with excuisit vegan cuisine prepared by Martina Vogl – founder of the well known Voglhaus® in Konstanz.