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dance artists

Claudia Heinle (GER/CH)tanz raum founder – choreographer – dancer – dance teacher – certified GYROKINESIS® trainer“A passionate teacher and performer”

While studying politics at the universities of Constance, Copenhagen and Jerusalem, Claudia developed a special interest in Middle Eastern culture and discovered her passion for Egyptian dance. In 1992 she met the choreographer Suraya Hilal with whom she trained for 12 years to become a fully qualified dancer and teacher. As manager of Hilal, she produced two major stage programmes, touring all over Europe with the company and performing at prestigious festivals and theatres including Queen Elisabeth Hall in London, Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin, Cankarjec Dom in Ljubljana, Theaterspektakel in Zurich, Café de la Dance in Paris, Tanzhaus in Düsseldorf, Tanzhaus in Stockholm, Gothenburg Festival, among others. During this time, she produced CDs and dance videos under Hilal Art. 

In 1996, she founded tanz raum, a company that is today an international platform for Egyptian dance and music and an independent music label. She founded her own dance company, Cie tanz raum in 2006 with Ibrahim el Minyawi, Caroline Chevat and Karin Schemmann, and is a dancer for Cie Al Fajr (Paris). She performed with the latter at the International Festival of Independent Theatre Groups in Bibliotheca Alexandria, Egypt and in the Institute du Monde Arabe in Paris. 

She continuously draws inspiration from her work with other artists and through training to further develop her dance, teaching and creative processes. Claudia Heinle studied with Dr. Wu Runjin in 2004 and 2005 to gain a deeper understanding of Eastern philosophy. She has undertaken regular and extensive research trips to different parts of Egypt. In 2008 she completed her teacher’s certificate in the GYROKINESIS® method. In 2009 she was awarded a certificate from the Arab Republic of Egypt at an intensive course on tahtib with Yahia Abdel Alim. In 2015 during a research trip to Egypt, together with Caroline Chevat and Marie Al Fajr, she danced with the Sufi Tariqa Naqsbandi and a long lasting dream came true for her. 

Claudia’s dance productions, which include Aluaan, Abyad, Akhou, Doing Things. The major works of her dance company are available on DVD. Currently Claudia is involved in her research project “Dance & Ritual in Ancient Egypt”.

GYROKINESIS® is a registered trademark of GYROTONIC® Sales Corp and is used with their permission.

Caroline Chevat (F/CH)

tanz raum co-founder – dancer – percussionist – dance teacher –  – certified Egyptian Yoga teacher – tahtib teacher

“Caroline is one of the rare female artists, who are at the same time educated as dancer and musician and who masters the Egyptian male combat form on a high level”.

Caroline has loved dance and music since her early youth. After completing her studies in landscape engineering and geography at the universities of Lyon, Annecy, Mannheim and Constance, she dedicated herself to music, dance and photography. Since 1996, she has trained with Claudia Heinle at the tanz raum and has gained further experience through international workshops and dance weeks with Marie al Fajr and Suraya Hilal.

Caroline Chevat has been a dancer with the tanz raum Cie since 2006. She performed in the programme Abyad and can be seen on the DVD of the same name. She choreographed pieces in Cie tanz raum´s production Akhou and was heavily involved in the entire creative process. Akhou has also been published on the DVD.

In 2009, she was awarded a certificate from the Arab Republic of Egypt (El Minya Governorate) for her excellent performance at an intensive course on tahtib with artistic director and dancer Yahia Abdel Alim. Beyond that, Caroline Chevat is one of the few female tabla players in the world. She has been an accomplished student of Ibrahim el Minyawi since 1995, learning the art form in the traditional way from master to student and finding her own strengths and expression. Since 2008 she has been training with Master Yogi Khane, creator of Pharaonic Yoga. In 2009, she started a teacher training course at the European Yoga School and accomplished her course in 2013.

The beauty and sophistication of Egyptian music and the absence of quality recordings inspired her to produce the first CD with Ibrahim el Minyawi in 2000.  Since then, she has travelled regularly and extensively throughout Egypt to do field research for tanz raum music projects, bringing together skilled musicians to record and produce their traditional repertoire as well as innovative, high-quality music. She produces, edits and distributes CDs worldwide under the tanz raum label.

Caroline Chevat together with Claudia Heinle is director of tanz raum and makes an invaluable contribution to preserving a rich musical heritage that is in danger of dying out.  She teaches Egyptian dance and Egyptian tabla in Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain and Sweden.